HHP 001: Hike Healthy Podcast – Are Morning People Happier?

I’ll have to admit, I am a morning person.  I think it adds greatly to my quality of life.  Now, a new study has concluded that morning people are happier!  Listen to this episode for more details and a narrated hike that talks about why the early morning hours are so important in our lives. Below you’ll find some links to the things discussed in this episode of the Hike Healthy Podcast.  Please leave your comments below and if you’d like to contact me, write to paul@hikehealthy.com.  If you have a question please e-mail me:  questions@hikehealthy.com.

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This episode’s foreign language clip is from my friend Al.  In the podcast, he is saying “Helping you take control of your lifestyle” translated into Tagalog, primarily spoken in the Philippines.  Keep listening for more languages and feel free to share your thoughts and comments in the form below about how to improve the Hike Healthy Podcast!

 Episode 1 Quotations:

Morning is wonderful, it’s only drawback is that it comes at such an inconvenient time of day.  Glen Cook

I will never be a morning person, for the moon and I are too much in love.  Testy McTesterson

Do you know who Testy McTesterson is?  If his story is about perseverance and fortitude as one unsubstantiated account I read on the internet, that is great but I would like a good reliable source for information on him.  Please share in the comments section below or e-mail me: paul@hikehealthy.com!

Think in the Morning, act in the noon, eat in the evening, sleep in the night.  William Blake

Opportunities are like sunrises, if you wait too long, you miss them.  William Arthur Ward

An early morning walk is a blessing for the whole day.  Henry David Thoreau

Link to Renee Biss’ research study which suggests morning people are happier

Link to Darren Hardy’s program called Darren Daily, daily mentoring, every weekday in 5 minutes or less

Link to Candy Mountain hike and pictures on hiketricities.com

Link to Badger Mountain hikes and pictures on hiketricities.com

Link to the Friends of Badger Mountain Group

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