HHP 002: Hike Healthy Podcast – Lessons from 1911, preparedness and safety

This week’s episode of the Hike Healthy Podcast is focused on helping you prepare and be safe.  It features the story of a 1911 explorer who was the first to reach the South Pole and return home.  His rival was not so fortunate.  Click on the podcast play button to listen.  Below, you’ll also find a list of safety measures.

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The foreign language clip from episode 2 is Ukrainian.  My friend Maksim provided this version of “helping you take control of your lifestyle.”

Link to information on Roald Amundsen’s adventure from Nat Geo

You can read more about Roald Amundsen’s Race to the South Pole adventure as he tells it in his own words.  You can order the book in the affiliate link below.  I will get a small commission but there is no additional cost to you.

Episode 2 Quote: “If ye are prepared, ye shall not fear.” (D&C 38:30)

Link to Badger Mountain Skyline Trail

Link to Safety Page here on hikehealthy.com

See Safety Page information below, too.

photo (1)

“Road” Amundsen. Listen to the podcast for an explanation!

A beautiful evening on the top of Badger Mountain, with a sunset tinted by the smoke in the atmosphere.  I found some folks admiring the view of Mt. Rainier poking up from the horizon.

Betsy and Al looking west at the sunset from the top of Badger Mountain

Betsy and Al looking west at the sunset from the top of Badger Mountain

When I got to the top, I met a charming couple, Al and Betsy.  They informed me that this evening there was a “Supermoon” which looks quite large when it first appears on the horizon (the picture below doesn’t do it justice).

Follow these tips and help make sure your hiking experience is trouble-free!

Hiking in Bryce Canyon National Park
Hiking in Bryce Canyon National Park

I can’t even begin to describe the joy which can come from hiking! Millions of people have found that joy and happiness through this simple activity. Nearly everyone can do it but many take a haphazard approach when they decide, at the last moment, to hit the trail without being prepared. This can be disastrous!

You’ve probably seen the headlines or heard stories of people who’ve been injured, lost, or even died in extreme situations. If you take a few, simple preparations steps, you can make sure your journey is not only enjoyable but disaster free! These tips are mainly tailored for day hikes, more extensive preparation is needed for longer hikes like backpacking or overnighters.

The Boy Scout motto is the best prevention: Be Prepared, (If ye are prepared, ye shall not fear)

Boy Scout hike on the Pacific Crest Trail

Yep, peace of mind and freedom from worry can make your hike even more enjoyable! It is the best way to prevent mishaps.

Basic hiking safety tips

Hike Happy #1

Plan your hike. Planning your hike can help assure you won’t get lost. Look for resources to help with maps, directions, GPS, hiking tour guides, even pictures and descriptions. Even a short day hike can turn to a nightmare if you don’t know where you are going. In addition to planning your hike, let someone know where you are going and leave a trip plan with information on where you are going and your expected return time, even if it is just a quick jaunt. As part of your planning, make sure you know the weather forecast to protect yourself from storms, extreme heat or extreme cold.

Hike Happy #2

Travel with a companion. Short hikes on familiar trails may be okay to go solo, but even then, a companion can provide safety if there are any problems, they can help with directions and can build lasting and enjoyable relationships. Two heads can also be better than one if there comes a need for problem solving. You can also challenge each other as you work to improve your physical fitness!

Hike Happy #3

Bring some basic equipment and supplies. You should carry a cell phone (fully charged) and plenty of water. A snack or more food depending on the length of your hike, always bring a little more water and food than you think you’ll need. A small first-aid kit is also a good idea.

Hike Happy #4

Dress appropriately. Weather can change dramatically without much warning and having the proper clothing can keep an enjoyable hike from turning into a miserable or even dangerous experience. Make sure you have layers that can be added or removed if needed. Proper footwear is a big part of this Hike Happy tip. Socks should be comfortable and in good repair. Hiking shoes or boots should be in good shape and well broken in to prevent blisters and other discomfort. Don’t forget about your head, hands and face with gloves, hats and other protection from cold, wind and sun. Speaking of sun, apply sunscreen as a barrier against sunburn and discomfort that can last for days!

Enjoy the beauty that surrounds us! Take these few, simple steps and enjoyment is much more likely. Not having to worry about potential problems allows the hiker to focus on seeing the sights, views, flowers and vistas along the way. You’ll have a chance to create memories out of your hiking experiences.Don’t forget a camera!Make sure you have a camera (or phone or other device that can capture the highlights). This will allow you to retain memories for years and share them with others. Maybe this will help encourage them to find the same enjoyment that you have found in Happy Hiking!

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