HHP 016: Gentleman Lessons from Cowboy Lloyd, Texas Ranger – Hike Healthy Podcast

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Is being a gentleman a lost art?  Well, Cowboy Lloyd thinks so.  Cowboy Lloyd is a real live Texas Ranger who spent years in the saddle on the streets of Texas cities dispensing justice.  He shared some of his amazing stories with me the other day and we got down to some pretty serious topics.  Being a gentleman was one of the key things we…click the read more link below for more on the story.
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For other devices like Android and the like, click here to subscribe on Stitcher!talked about.  In this episode, we go on a hike (or more like a walk) through the streets of Tumwater, Washington telling the stories of Cowboy Lloyd.

Today’s foreign language clip from my friend, Basilios is, German!

photo 3

The greenery of Western Washington

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