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The value of the commercial news media is questionable, at best.  As a member of the media for over a decade, I was able to see the inner workings of the agendas, biases and sensationalism which was driven by the commercialism and ratings of the industry.  It causes the news outlets to constantly think up more extreme examples of news which….. Click on the Read More link below to continue 

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give anyone who consumes the commercial news product a skewed vision of what life in our world is all about.  Just imagine the impression the media would give of the reality of our world to someone who lived, secluded in a jungle all their lives.  It is a sad commentary and even leads to fear and anxiety which, in many cases is unwarranted.  Listen to the podcast for more on this topic, including a cameo from my father and a short segment from one of the most famous speeches ever given on the state of television.

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This is a translation of the subtitle of the Hike Healthy Podcast: “helping you take control of your lifestyle!”

Quotes from this episode:  Fear is a threat response to detectable for immediate threats whereas anxiety represents the potential threat response to distance or eventual threats.  Michael Davis


Click here for the complete text of Newton Minow’s Vast Wasteland speech or to listen to the full recording.

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