Wow! Hike Healthy Podcast Featured as a Success Story on Dan Miller’s Podcast, 48 Days to the Work You Love!

48 days to the work you love with dan miller

What an honor! I wrote a letter to Dan Miller, author of the book 48 Days to the Work You Love and he actually read it on his podcast! I was riding my bike home the other day and turned on the podcast and suddenly realized Dan was reading my letter! It blew me away! I was so excited! Dan Miller is one of my mentors. He runs the 48 Days brand kingdom. It is much more than finding a job, its a lifestyle adjustment and an attitude adjustment. Dan’s talk about podcasting over the years and people like…..Pat Flynn and Cliff Ravenscraft got me motivated to finally start podcasting as part of the celebration of my half-century of living here on earth!  If you want to hear the actual letter, go to about :58 in the above audio player.  Otherwise, you can just push play.  I edited on the intro to the 48 Days to the Work You Love and then tacked on the clip of Dan reading the letter.  Enjoy!  Paul

Find out more about Dan Miller and the 48 days brand by clicking here.

48 Days Podcast

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