Being Active Can be More Than Hiking: GoPro Video on a Mountain Bike Ride and the Hike Healthy Podcast are all about helping you take control of your lifestyle. Part of that is encouraging you to be as active as you can. That activity doesn’t have to be hiking. Though most of the posts on and the Hike Healthy Podcast will be about hiking, this post is about bicycling! I had a great ride with a couple of friends along the White Bluffs which border the Columbia River near my home in the Tri-Cities of Washington State. I even did a GoPro video of part of the ride along a narrow……..Click the Read More link below for pictures, the video, a map and more details.

Long Distance Hiking – Mt. Hood to Mt. Rainier

Joe Jamison first contacted me several months back when he was preparing for a long-distance hike from Mount Hood, in Oregon to Mount Rainier in Washington State.  He saw one of my posts from the Indian Heaven Wilderness area and was trying to pinpoint a good stopping point along his journey at Wood Lake, a secluded camp site

Mt. Adams, here I come! Conquering mountains in your life (Video Post)

I was hiking with a friend on a local mountain the other day and he brought up an opportunity which I have been thinking of for years and now, it may become a reality!  The lesson I take from this is, don’t let the opportunity pass you by!  There is a mountain in Washington State called Mt. Adams.  It is a stunningly magnificent and majestic

Welcome to Hike

This is a brand new site!  dedicated to helping you be more active! Hike is the home base for the Hike Healthy Podcast (soon to be released). I have dreamed about creating this resource for you for years.

Hiking with my son

Hiking with my son