HHP 022: PCT Through Hike, The Hike Healthy Podcast

Aaron Ellig Pacific Crest Trail Through Hiker

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Imagine logging over 2600 miles on the trail from Mexico to Canada!  Well, 23-year old Aaron Ellig from the Tri-Cities of Washington state did more than just imagine it, he did it!  Aaron is one of the select few who have completed a Pacific Crest Trail through hike from the southern terminus at the Mexican border to the northernmost point at the Canadian border.  Why did Aaron do it?  Well, you’ll just have to listen to…..Click on the Read More link below to continue

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Foreign Language Clip of the Day: the language is Trwee (it is very hard to pronounce in English) Thank you to Akweeuh for her help!

This is a translation of the subtitle of the Hike Healthy Podcast: “helping you take control of your lifestyle!”

Quotes from this episode: “It’s humbling to think of what we really need” -Aaron Ellig

Items Aaron Ellig used on his through hike:

Aaron Ellig and Paul Shoemaker the hike healthy podcastAaron’s breakdown on an estimate for the costs of his journey:

$6000 total estimate

$800-1000 for food and shipping for drops (20 drops)

$1500 in gear, clothes, and shoes

$3000-4000 on trail and in towns buying food, resupplying, motels, donating to trail angels, and whatever else he needed

Aaron also mentioned the “half mile” app he used on the trip which helped him track his progress with GPS type qualities. You can click here for more information on this ap. Click here for a link to the iPhone ap.

Aaron Ellig’s blog which has a bunch of pictures and information he published along his journey.

Here are a few more pictures.  Aaron brought along an idea he’s been working on and it is in the picture below.  It’s an ultralight backpack made out of Tyvek.  We’ll keep an eye on that project!Aaron Ellig PCT through hiker

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