What’s a Podcast? How can you download and listen to a podcast! (video and audio) a podcasting primer!

When I tell people about the Hike Healthy Podcast, they sometimes give me a blank stare. Oh, how I wish they knew how valuable and exciting podcasts can be! They can literally change your life for the better! So, that is the reason I’ve done this video (and audio) tutorial on what a podcast is and how you can load a podcast on your iPad, iPod Touch, iPhone and more! It’s only about 15 minutes long but it holds a wealth of information to help you take maximum advantage of this great medium! Enjoy! For audio, click the player above, for video, click the player below.  Also, below the video on this page are simple, step-by-step printed instructions of how to load podcasts on your iPhone and listen anywhere!  Click on the read more link below for step by step instructions!

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For other devices like Android and the like, click here to subscribe on Stitcher!

How to load podcasts on your iPhone and listen anywhere, anytime, as many times as you’d like, for free!

1.  Turn on your iPhone

2. Go to the App Store ( you can see the icon in the picture below with the pink arrow)photo 4

3. Search for Podcasts free App and you’ll find the square purple icon with the little stick figure with the “halos”

photo 3




photo 1 (1)

4.  Download this App (you may need to set up an Apple account with a credit/debit card, don’t worry, there is no charge for this or for most podcasts)

photo 2 (1)

5.  Open the “Podcasts” App on your iPhone

6.  Go to the search magnifying glass and search for “hike healthy podcast” or any other subject matter you’d like to find in a podcast.photo 2 (2)

7.  Click on the hike healthy podcast icon and subscribe or download individual episodesphoto 5 (1)

8.  Click on the “My podcasts” button on the bottom left of the screen in the “Podcasts” App.photo 3 (1)

9.  Play your episode!  Enjoy!photo 3 (2)

10.  Watch and re-watch the video above for more details.

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