HHP 021: Service Can Cure Your Highs and Lows, The Hike Healthy Podcast

Water Drive for Wenatchee Fire victims

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This episode of the Hike Healthy Podcast focuses on a way to make our lives brighter, to help us go outside ourselves.  It can overcome the lows in our lives and help correct the highs too!  Just listen to the podcast for a better explanation of what I am referring….Click on the Read More link below to continue

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Foreign Language Clip of the Day:

This is a translation of the subtitle of the Hike Healthy Podcast: “helping you take control of your lifestyle!”

The foreign language spoken in this episode is: Kalenjin, an African language, from my friend Dorcas

Quotes from this episode:  I sought my god and my god I could not find.  I sought my soul and my soul eluded me.  I sought my brother to serve him in his need and I found all three; my god, my soul and thee.  Author unknown, featured in Stephen R. Covey’s book, Seven Habits of Highly Effective People

Those who are happiest are those who do the most for others  Booker T. Washington

Watch the video which features Josh Yandt’s story about overcoming bullying by serving others, click here for more on the story and the video.

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