HHP 024: We NEED Children! The Hike Healthy Podcast

We probably know that children need us. They rely on us for food, bathing, warmth, love, discipline, and so much more. But, did you know we, as adults, need children? They are such a major part……Click READ MORE below

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Name That Language Clip of this episode: from my friend, Al.

This is a translation of the subtitle of the Hike Healthy Podcast: “helping you take control of your lifestyle!”

The foreign language spoken in this episode is: Tagalog



Quotes from this episode: “Love is nourished by the coming of children.”  Boyd K. Packer

The Soul is Healed by Being With Children. English Proverb

The family: a proclamation to the world

The Family, A Proclamation to the World


Talk referenced in this podcast called The Plan of Happiness by Boyd K. Packer

We Need Children, for their sakes as well as ours.  Article by Jenet Jacob Erickson

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